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The International Congress of Radiology Students is held each year on a certain date and with the presence of experienced professors and celebrated individuals within the field of radiology, which has made it known as a national action. In this congress, where the majority of the audience are students, the articles and research done by the students will be presented. It ought to be said that talks in various fields are presented by prominent professors in the Congress, which will increase the motivation and learning and dynamics of the students as much as possible. In addition, the nature of the congress and the presentation of articles; It stirs the spirit of research and enthusiasm for knowledge in students and increases the motivation and efforts to improve the status of radiology through new research. This year, we(IRAN-RSA) are proud to hold the 2nd International Congress of Radiology Students with the amazing support of RSA branches at Sabzevar , Jundishapoor, and Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences. We hope that with your all-around support, students, and all those interested in the fields of radiology, we will play a big role in advancing the mentioned goals, flourishing talents, and strengthening the spirit of scholarship

Selected Abstracts in the IRSA2022 Congress will be published in JBPE (Journal of Biomedical Physics and Engineering)



Congress topics

Important dates


Abstract Submission


Congress topics
The Core Scientific Committee invites Medical Doctors(MD), researchers, industrial, environmental and authorized professionals worldwide to submit their abstracts for review and possible presentation on the following topics:
  • • Medical Imaging (CT Scan , MRI)
  • • Dosimetry in Imaging
  • • AI in Medical Imaging
  • • Radiation Protection and Radiobiology
  • • Non-ionizing Radiation in Imaging

Important dates

  • Registration and abstract submissions opens: July 23rd 2022, Mordad 1st 1401
  • • Extended abstract submission deadline (Oral and Poster): August 27th 2022, Shahrivar 5th 1401
  • • Articles acceptance announcement via Email: September 3rd 2022, Shahrivar 12th 1401
  • • Recording to be sent by September 11th 2022, Shahrivar 20th 1401
  • • 2nd National exam for radiology students: September 10th 2022, Shahrivar 19th 1401
  • • IRSA2022 congress: September 19th / 21st, 2022, Shahrivar 28th / 30th 1401





Book of abstracts IRSA2021

Abstract template

RSA Exam instruction booklet

RSA Exam


The second scientific exam of Iranian radiology students
We are proud to announce that the 2nd scientific exam for Iranian radiology students is to be held on September 10th which aims to improve Iranian radiology students' knowledge.
You can fill out the form below completely and prepare yourself for this exam if you are interested to participate and test your knowledge.
The instruction booklet has been prepared for you to follow if there is anything you want to know more about. You can get the booklet in the DOWNLOADS section of the website.
It’s completely free to register and take part in the 2nd RSA Exam.
If there is anything do not hesitate to contact us at RSAcongress2022@gmail.com




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